Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Other books on the "uranium boom"

Incredibly, very little has been written about the “uranium boom.” At present, only one other work of fiction has taken the period as its subject or set its story during that tumultuous time.

With uranium and nuclear issues back in the headlines, Alas, Poor Country will attract a broad spectrum of readers looking for a rich, compelling account of where and how America’s nuclear story began.

As the reader at the University of Nevada Press has written of Alas, Poor Country, “The uranium mining boom in the west has long begged for literary coverage and I am very pleased to see this effort in that direction.”

Other books

Lucky Strike
Nancy Zafris
Unbridled Books, 2006

From the Ground Up: A History of Mining in Utah
Colleen Whitley
Utah State University Press, 2006

White Canyon: Remembering the Little Town at the Bottom of Lake Powell
Tom McCourt
Southpaw Publications, 2003

Yellowcake Towns: Uranium Mining Communities in the American
Michael A. Amundson
University Press of Colorado, 2002

Uranium Frenzy: Saga of the Nuclear West
Raye C. Ringholz
University of New Mexico Press, 1989

U-boom: Uranium on the Colorado Plateau
Al Look
Bell Press, 1956

Uranium: Where It Is and How to Find It
Paul Dean Procter, Ph.D.; Edmond P. Hyatt, M.S.; Kenneth C. Bullock, Ph.D.
Eagle Rock Publishers, 1954

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